Juicey Lucy's

San Francisco, California


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The lone girl working seemed attentive, friendly and not pushy, so we had high hopes going into our meal. However, upon seeing the menu we were shocked and disappointed. The prices were outrageously high. 7 USD for a smoothie? 4 USD for a bagel with some herbs? (We saw the package, too, and we could have bought the entire 6-pack for that price at the market.) However, we were very hungry (after discovering that 2 vegan-friendly bagel shops had closed down), and we went for it.

We regretted the decision, though, as we watched the employee prepare the food while she repeatedly touched her telephone...hair...and drop a knife on the floor. The smoothie that I decided upon was indeed smooth -too smooth. Very runny and on the warm end of room temperature.

When we tried to pay, she did not have any change and had to leave the restaurant for almost 10 minutes while she ran across the street -leaving the place unattended.

Overall, an expensive, bizarre and unsatisfactory experience. Not on the 'recommend' list.

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