Bahaar Pakistani

Bangor, Maine

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Tasty traditional Pakistani with vegetarian menu

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Added by sarah on Aug 18 03 (last updated Jul 12 07)

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I've eaten here twice--first in the summer of '03 and secondly in the summer of '04. The first time it was all deliciousness, perhaps the nicest indian food I'd ever tasted in all of my breathing years. 12 months later, and it is mind-bogglingly horrible. Apparently upon upping the prices it was determined the food no longer need be palatable. Or their old chef was drowned in the city's canal maybe.

Before ordering we sat there being subjected to hilariously horrible pop music (was it actually from pakistan? half the lyrics were in english) while I innocently remarked that the place seemed to have lost a lot of its charm. Little did I know! My friend Nesey Gallons started weeping before the food came, because he was getting sick supposedly, but I realize now it was a sign. Our "mango juices" tasted like popsicles melted 60 years ago into a pair of boots and kept half-frozen in a cellar before being served to us. Not to mention not tasting like any actual mango had ever been involved in their existence. In attempting to render these beverages drinkable by increasing their sweetness infinitely, we discovered that all the sugar packets had been obtained, or stolen, from Dunkin' Donuts.

The $14 plate of Vegetarian Snacks was more or less a few stray pieces of rotty vegetables swept from under the oven, battered in sludge, and fried to a consistency resembling the scum which sometimes builds up on shower curtains. A year ago I had raved about these snacks!

The entrees were truly revolting, a pool of oil accompanied by vegetables clearly of a frozen background--we were hardly able to muster any of them into ourselves at all. My friend asked for a take-home box out of some vague sense of politeness, or pity (the box was later abandoned roadside, as it made the car smell awful). We left a tip of $1.50 on our $45 check and practically galloped out of the restaurant. Our server pursued us down the sidewalk as my friend had taken the check with him, having drawn exclamation marks next to all the prices of various drinks and dishes and had redone the math a number of times.

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$$$ - expensive


  • Middle Eastern/Persian



11am - 9pm
11am - 10pm

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