Araya's Place

Los Angeles, California


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I've now eaten at Araya's Place three times so I feel qualified to review it. Certainly it's one of the best Thai restaurants in Los Angeles.

I really like the atmosphere and decor at this West Hollywood restaurant. It's casual and unpretentious but manages to have some elegance at the same time. Bonus points for the cleanliness of the bathroom.

Here's a roundup of some of the food I've had there.

Vegetable Cakes -- delightful. I don't see these on their online menu but we had these two days ago when we dined there. These are dumpling-like and the dough is rice-based and resembles mochi a little. They are stuffed with the green parts of leeks and fried, and served with a sauce that has soy sauce and sweetener among its components. Delicious!

Asparagus Hunsa -- lovely. This is not listed on the menu online but was on the menu at the restaurant. It's a yummy vegetable-heavy dish with a red curry sauce and of course, asparagus.

Phad Phet Makhua -- tasty. Sort of like the traditional eggplant but sweeter and with veggies and tofu added to the mix.

Roti -- Also not on the online menu! But so, so good!! It's an amazing flatbread that's fried and doughy and a little puffy and just melts in your mouth. And it's served with their incredible peanut sauce. The last two times we ate there, my husband ordered some extra peanut sauce to take home!

I've also very much enjoyed the Fresh Rolls and the Drunken Mushroom (the avocado curry was a little rich for my taste).

The owner is friendly and personable. Although Araya's Place is a bit of a drive for me and Satdha, which I also like a lot, is closer, I plan to support Araya's Place whenever I'm in the neighborhood or have time to make the drive.

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