Bar Trasmiera

Cantabria, Spain


rating star

An amazing find. There was no English menu when we visited, but the owner had just enough English to explain the options to us. Many of the items on the menu were typical Spanish dishes, adapted to be vegan. Everything was good, though nothing was spectacular. It was a great opportunity for some non-Spanish speakers to sample local food, and experience a local hangout, without any worries about whether the concept of vegan food got lost in translation, given how passionate the owners are about vegan food.

It seems that the owner would really like to be selling vegan food, but runs a bar to pay the rent. The patrons of the bar don't seem to have any interest in the vegan food, but come for a drink and to play cards. It's not a fine dining experience--the floor is dirty and the crowd can be noisy--but it's a wonderful thing to have a fully vegan menu in a city where getting any vegetarian food from restaurants can be a challenge.

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