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Republic doesn't have many vegan options, but what they do have is excellent. The wait staff are friendly and happy to help their vegan customers.

I think there are a few other dishes that can be prepared vegan, but so far I've tried the Mock Duck Tacos and the Open Faced Veggie Sandwich. The tacos are a delicious mess of mock duck, slaw, and Korean BBQ sauce. I used to frequent the Chipotle next door, but those days are probably over now. The veggie sandwich is not your usual, boring hummus wrap with iceberg lettuce. The pesto doesn't have cheese, but you do have to ask them to hold the mozzarella if you want it vegan.

The best part about Republic is eating at their huge, outdoor patio in the summer. It's a fun, lively place to dine alone or with a large group. The selection of alcoholic beverages is impressive, the beer menu is always changing, and the bartenders are a blast. The only reason I'm not giving it five stars is that they don't label their vegan options, making it awkward for some of us shy Minnesotans who don't like asking questions...

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