Iss' Magic Mixes Oatmeal Cafe

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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I'm eating here right now and had to leave a review! Healthy, satisfying, and filling. The staff are so nice and helpful. It's a little tricky to figure out the options, but staff will walk you through it. They have oatmeal flavors and you can choose an oatmeal bowl (hot, cold, with yogurt, etc.) or pancake. They have other options, but those are the main breakfast items. They also have super delicious-sounding burgers for lunch! Smoothies, coffee, and other yummy beverages like hot chocolate are also on the menu.

It's not anything like the lame oatmeal packets from the store.

I'm having the Cashew Bacon pancake (just do it!) and the Chocolate Cherry Rapture oatmeal bowl with yogurt (titled "Thick Magic" on the menu).

And you can grab some cookies to go.

100% vegan. Gluten free options.

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I love this place! It's small and makes me feel totally comfortable each time I am there. Their staff is awesome and the food is just so good! When I eat there I always feel full but never bloated and wiped out, and their portions are huge! I love being able to go somewhere and know that I can actually eat anything off of the menu and never have to worry if it's got animal byproducts in it. Also I LOVE the fact that they don't use any "fake meat" substitutes. Everything is made from scratch and totally unique. The vegan burger are honestly the best burgers I have ever had and the pancakes are so different from anything I've had before. I really can't say enough about this place.

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I love Iss' Oatmeal Mixes!!! Can't wait to visit the Oatmeal Cafe!!!

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I enjoyed the quaint environment and the food was great. It was quick and easy to understand the menu. I love the smoothies and the Oatmeal is very, very good.

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