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At least it's a vegetarian food stand (would not call it a restaurant) But it is not a great place to take children to in the evening because of the lack of warmth inside the small indoor eating space. The food is overpriced but good; not necessarily a value.

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Good enough....but not great. Overpriced on most items (though the vegetarian/vegan dishes seem to be the best values). Mushroom and tofu fajitas is tasty and a good bargain. Parking can be difficult along PCH: walk, if you are able, and enjoy your meal a bit closer to the shore -the atmosphere at the restaurant leaves much to be desired. Though you can choose your own heat level of salsa, the mild, surprisingly, has the best flavor (mix it with some of the spicy if you want the heat, too). The food almost makes up for the lagging service...almost.

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