Cafe Gratitude

San Francisco, California


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Cafe Gratitude has a wonderful selection of raw desserts. The smoothies and shakes are a bit overpriced ($9 for 16 oz., $7.50 for 8 oz.) but the "I Am Beautiful" creamsicle shake was worth every penny. I was also a huge fan of the raw key lime pie. The crust was a little unexpected - ground up nuts instead of a traditional graham cracker crust - but the key lime filling was spot on. I wished I could have ordered more of the desserts. They all looked so delicious!

If you eat at Cafe Gratitude, you will probably end up feeling embarrassed when the waitress makes you say "I Am Beautiful" rather than "I would like a creamsicle smoothie" and you might also shy away from answering the "philosophical question of the day." However, putting up with some oddness is a small price to pay for extraordinary raw vegan food!

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AMAZING. Awesome live food. Cool atmosphere. Positive energy. I LOVED IT.

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Raw food, happy staff playing at abundance. Sometimes it gets a bit loud (like most places) for conversation, and the ceiling fans add a high energy shimmer to the light. I've gone three times, so far, and each time was a lift.

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The best dining experience I have had in my life.

All food is not only vegan but raw as well.

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