North Country Co-op

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Nov 6 07

1929 S 5th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454


3.7 / 18 votes

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Working member co-op on the West Bank


The oldest co-op in the Twin Cities, still run by its members. Good selection of vegetarian, vegan, natural and organic food.

Added by Matt Mackall on Feb 25 03 (last updated Oct 11 07)

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I love everything about this place. It has everything I need, including french bakery bread, locally made granola, a discount produce bin, loose teas (in the bulk section), and some seriously delicious vegan cookies. I love their bulk section, and am always buying my nut butters granola flours and muesli here. I can really compile a bill here, though, so I'll probably become a member soon and volunteer for the discount.

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I have changed my rating from a 7 to a 9. I don't know if they have changed or I have - but I appreciate them a whole lot more now. I appreciate their determination to do things the old-fashioned way. They also get some points for selling Spokes Pizza by the slice. The selection is smaller than many of the other twin cities co-ops, but they do have vegan chunks of energy, and no one else carries those, they also have vegan chocolate covered almonds, heart thrive 'bars' (kind of a cross between a cookie, and an energy bar I guess), they have local baked goods from Hard Times and Seward Cafe, too. Oh, and they also have a bin where they sell less than presentable produce for .45 cents a pound - pretty cool. I used to stop in every so often because I could remember going there when I was really little, and the place was like a maze of really tall wooden shelves. But now I go because I have some to adore this co-op that still holds onto it's values of serving the community, and getting local folks involved.

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