Munjed's Middle Eastern Cafe

Syracuse, New York


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On a recent trip we stopped in Syracuse for dinner. China Road was closed that day and Alto Cinco was packed with a 20-30 minute wait, so we went to Munjed's. I should add that I spent my childhood in the Middle East so I know Middle Eastern food. Munjed's was decent for the most part, but unexciting.

We had the veggies and rice (not bad, except for the awful tahini dressing that came with it), a garden salad, and Sam's veggie combo, which included hommus, falafel, grape leaves, tabouli and spinach pie. The hommus, grape leaves and tabouli were solid, but not exciting. The spinach pie was disappointing. The falafel was better than average for what you can find at most Middle Eastern restaurants in America. We also ordered a side of babaganouj, which was pretty good.

The biggest disappointment was the garden salad, which had a lot of iceberg lettuce as well as some other veggies. The garlic dressing isn't vegan and the tahini dressing was terrible. The only other choice of dressing available was oil and vinegar so that's what I had. Service at Munjed's was fine, but I ended up wishing I had eaten at Alto Cinco, where the food looked much better.

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Munjed's is often a good, quiet alternative to Alto Cinco. Pitas are usually reasonably-priced - around $6. The vegetarian sampler plate offers a nice variety, but it's a little pricey - about $10. The lunch and dinner menus are the same. I like the spinach pie (vegan) and the tabouli is better than what I've had at a lot of Middle Eastern restaurants. I usually leave Munjeb feeling full, but not bloated. There have been a couple of times, however, when I've eaten a Munjed falafel pita and wound up with a stomach ache. Pretty good, but not absolutely amazing.

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