Syracuse Real Food Coop

Syracuse, New York

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Friendly but small local coop grocery


Founded in 1972, the Syracuse Real Food Coop has been a source of local, organic, and vegetarian products for over 30 years. You don't have to be a member to shop there.

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I support the overall principles this store claims to care about but the shopping experience is often not too pleasant. It's cramped and the checkout lines are slow. I've also felt some of the staff act a bit condescending to me when they ask for my owner number and I tell them I'm not one.

The best thing about the store is the bulk section. Most of the other groceries could be found at larger, more mainstream stores for somewhat lower prices.

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Dear Real Food Coop - No one cares about your blog or myspace profile. Please stop chatting with your friends, making yourself a bite to eat, and surfing the web in the back of the store while 4 people wait in line at your one open register. If for some reason all the people hanging out in the back of the store are off-duty employees, they need to go away, stop confusing the customers with their presence, and let the on-duty employees help customers. Also - when someone comes in looking for something you don't have but probably should, instead of looking chipper and nonplussed maybe you could act concerned or make motions towards ensuring that item is stocked in the future.

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Syracuse University neighborhood


Kensignton Rd., between Roosevelt and Miles Aves. Note: Kensington *Road.* is different from the nearby Kensington *Lane.* The streets are curvy, so it's a bit confusing.



8am - 9pm

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