Fast and Furless Vegan Emporium

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Sep 13 10

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406


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Vegan shoes and accessories

General Store

Fast and Furless seems to be temporarily out of business. Please check the website for status updates:

Added by jon novick on Nov 4 05 (last updated Sep 1 14)

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It's hard to tell what the status of this business is, but here's the message that appears as of 8/31/2014 on the Fast & Furless website,

"Sorry Folks, We're Down.

But not for long.

Fast and Furless is undergoing an exciting transformation: from a Minneapolis storefront serving the Upper Midwest into a big, brand-new website reaching the four corners of the earth.

From our designers and developers to our buyers and photographers, we're working fast and furious to provide you with the best vegan shopping experience possible! If you'd like, we can email you when everything is up and running. Just enter your address below and click "Let Me Know!" "

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F&F has a nice selection of all sorts of vegan items. It was the first place in town I was able to find those new vegan candy bars, made by Go Max Go. It may be a bit on the pricey side, but come's the only vegan store in town and it's a local business. The owner is very friendly and sometimes his dog is hanging out there with him. :)

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