ABC Store

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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my go to place for all things healthy tasty and vegetarian! Love this little store, we are so lucky to have this special place in the twin cities!!!

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I'm not sure how to rate this place. I was expecting a small grocery store; instead I stumbled upon a bookstore with all Christian materials, along with a small section of frozen and canned mockmeats.

If you're out in the northwest suburbs, the ABC Store has an unusual selection of mockmeat deli slices, mock tuna, and Morningstar meal starters. It also has a wide array of canned mockmeats (including canned veggie burgers, which is something I've never seen before). Not all of the stuff here is vegan, but much of it is; make sure to read labels.

They also have a small assortment of spices, and dry bulk grains/beans.

You can't find 75% of the stuff here at your average grocery store, or even at some of the co-ops. That said, the selection isn't huge, and I'm not certain of the quality either.

Lastly, the ABC Store is in a strange location in an office park off of I-94/694, which is the last place you'd expect to find a Christian bookstore or a vegetarian grocery. But at least it's accessible to people in the suburbs, if not necessarily Minneapolis and St. Paul proper.

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This was a GREAT find! The employees are friendly and helpful and it is a great place to buy items in bulk. It is also a wonderful place to locate hard-to-find items such as "Tuno" (a mock tuna product which is really good!). The only "problem" is the store hours. If you work full time like I do, their hours can be a bit of a challenge. As a result, I highly recommend you call them before planning your trip (the hours listed on the VegGuide ABC Store page are a little different than what I have experienced).

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