The Wooden Monkey

Halifax, Nova Scotia


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The Wooden Monkey may not be a fully vegan restaurant but they offer a large assortment of vegan options. The restaurant itself is absolutely adorable. I love the old architecture and warm decor. The seitan donair is a new favourite of mine. It's absolutely amazing and the first time I can say I really liked seitan. The servers were very friendly and accommodating.

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This place is amazing! It is, hands-down, the best vegan-friendly restaurant that I have encountered during my travels through Nova Scotia. All of the menu items that can be made vegan are clearly marked - however, you need to specify if you want them to be made vegan (the "V" just means "veganizable"). The service is quick and the waitstaff is very knowledgeable about veganism. The restaurant is decorated with cute monkey-themed statues, paintings and stuffed animals.

Every aspect of my meal was incredible. To start off, I ordered a "Flaming Moe," a drink which was based on an episode of The Simpsons. Unlike the drink on The Simpsons (which is made with purple Krusty Brand Non-narcotic Cough Syrup), this version was made with local blueberry liqueur, which gave it the "purple" taste that one might expect from watching the television show. True to its name, the drink appeared with a flaming sugar cube on top! (Note: If flaming "purple"-tasting drinks aren't your thing, Wooden Monkey has plenty more to choose from, including a vegan white Russian!)

For my entree, I ordered the vegan version of the seitan sandwich, which came with vegan cheese and mustard (instead of dairy cheese and mayo). The sandwich arrived warm, inside of thin slices of pita, accompanied with "roasties" (or, as Americans call them, french fries). I thought that the mustard was a little odd at first, but by the end I found that I really liked the combination.

For dessert, I had a choice between vegan chocolate tofu pie (which my non-vegan waitress was raving about - it's supposed to be the house speciality) and the vegan creme-brulee of the day (it turned out to be cherry-flavored). Being a creme brulee aficionado, I couldn't resist the second option. I couldn't have been happier with my choice! The creme brulee was made with coconut milk instead of dairy milk, which gave it a smooth, creamy texture and a rich coconut flavor. The cherries gave the creme brulee a reddish tint and a subtle hint-of-cherry taste.

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