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Twin Cities, Minnesota

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Asian fusian joint with several vegan appetizers and entrees.

There is a sentence in the back of the menu that states "If you keep a vegan diet, tell your server and they will offer you recommendations" or something to that effect.

Most entrees allow for a choice of protein, including tofu.

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Rice Paper has some of the most beautifully plated food and exquisite blossoming tea that I have seen but its aesthetics are far more impressive than its flavors and value.

We started the meal with tofu spring rolls which were heavy on the rice noodles and lighter on the more flavorful components. Nonetheless, the rolls were fresh and tasty with the peanut dipping sauce.

My dining companion first ordered the plantation entree but it turned out they weren't serving it at that time so he chose the tamarind rice trio. I ordered the roadhouse smoky plate with tofu. Both plates were elegantly composed but were largely white rice and lettuce/cabbage. The menu described the tofu as grilled, which I found appealing, but it resembled fried tofu more than any grilled tofu I have eaten previously.

My food was adequate but it lacked the profusion of flavor and complexity that I expect from Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. I appreciated the pretty carrots but would have appreciated richer flavor even more - especially considering the cost.

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Rice Paper is quaint and small, with friendly service. The food is definitely tasty (try the spicy/smoky/sweet grilled "New Moon tofu" or the excellent, subtle, complex green onion Chinese pancake wraps), but the prices are much too high. Everything is in the $15-18 range for dinner and $10-13 for lunch. Also, there aren't a huge number of vegan-friendly options, as even the veg-seeming dishes contain fish sauce. I don't appreciate restaurants that consider fish to be vegetarian, or restaurants that don't list or mark what's specifically vegan/vegetarian. In the Twin Cities, with so many vegans and vegetarians, people shouldn't have to ask whether or not a dish contains fish sauce; it's discourteous for restaurants to not disclose this information openly. In conclusion, the food is tasty, but expensive. Make sure to specify you're vegan. But for my money, I'd rather go to Jasmine Deli or Jasmine 26, which are more vegan-friendly, have better atmosphere, and equally tasty food---but much cheaper.

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