India Sweets & Spices

Los Angeles, California


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OK. Duh to you, if you live around here and don't go to India Sweets and spices. Sorry, now GO! It is super awesome. Totally cheap. You can have lunch for two for like less than five bucks if you split a plate. Or you can pork out easy by your lonesome. Yum. Good stuff. Grumpy staff. That is Fine! Keep spooning that slop onto my styrofoam plate. I swear, don't even bother with half of the Indian restaurants in L.A. Seriously, you are only paying for a guy in a white shirt, some lousy candles and generic sitar music. India Sweets and spices doesn't mess around with that junk. Just good food. The one in Northridge might not be as good as the one in Atwater, but I've only been there once. Atwater, good, yes.

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Best Indian food we've had since leaving the UK (which has some of the world's top Indian restaurants). Definitely try the Combo Uttapam (like an egg-less omelet, stuffed with veg, served with a cup of daal and two dips).

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