Heartwood Bakery and Cafe

Halifax, Nova Scotia


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Ramona... Try going back. You will be delighted!!! The food is FAB, different meal presentation, the atmosphere still cosy but more chic, good service, very clean, cheerful & they always show work by NS artists. The fare is healthy, flavourful, local, organic, mostly vegan (perhaps all now) & just a treat all 'round!

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It's not like me to give a vegetarian place a low rating. I was excited to go to Heartwood since it was the only vegetarian I had heard of in Halifax. However, the food there reminded me of the kind of food I used to eat when I first went vegetarian 11 years ago: boring, uninspired, and tasteless. It was expensive too but I didn't mind that since it's organic. The highlight of my trip was supposed to be the experience of trying out all their desserts, which are all vegan. However, they don't let you try a bunch like most pay-by-weight restaurants; you have to purchase whole slices. I tried 4 kinds anyway (I managed to pay just for a bit of each -- you won't be able to do this though). They were all ... like non-vegans imagine vegan food to be: boring, tasteless, and a poor imitation of what it tries to be. E.g. The cookie was bland, dry, and crumbly. And they don't use chocolate in their cheesecake; it's all carob. Aggh. I was so disappointed by their food and their desserts! I left feeling angry and like I had just wasted my money. I found consolation only in the thought that I had been there alone; if I had brought a meat eater, I would have confirmed their worst stereotypes about vegan food. But I think they aim for healthy food not delicious food, so if you're into that you might want to give it a chance.

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