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The vegan chili and cornbread was terrific, the staff friendly, coffee excellent. The chili had lots of veggies, not overly spicy. The large piece of cornbread was moist and not highly sweetened like most others I've had. The day I was there they had Ethiopian coffee, a personal favorite. There's a relaxed atmosphere, not very noisy. Loved it!

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They make some tasty vegan cookies that I've found to be soft and fresh. Usually there is at least one vegan kind of house made, with the ABC brand as a backup. They make a decent veggie sandwich with avocado, though it does lack vegan mayo. And there are a couple other vegan things on the menu and often a special.

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I've been at Anodyne since about 10am this morning, and it's been a good experience so far. It's a comfortable place to work, and they have a good selection of vegan food.

I had a vegan peanut butter cookie to start. It was quite moist, and had a good flavor, not too sweet. For lunch, I tried the house-made veggie burger. It was soft, and more like meatloaf than a burger, but it had a really good flavor, and is a pretty good deal at $7.49 for a burger with chips.

If I need a place to work outside my home in the future, I would definitely come back. They have a number of vegan options, the wi-fi works, and there are comfortable couches near electrical outlets.

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UPDATE: Anodyne has significantly improved from the last time I went nearly a year ago. For one thing, they now have at least one vegan baked good that they make themselves, they have some new interesting drinks and also a few vegan meal options (clearly elaborated upon on a separate vegan menu next to the cash register).

I had a maple soy steamer ($4) which is a coffee-based drink that had a great flavor mostly due to the maple syrup. That said, it was awfully expensive for just a small mug of it.

I also had their only house-made vegan baked item, a peanut butter cookie ($2.25). The flavor was good and peanut-buttery, but the texture was a notch below rock-hard and crunchy, which wasn't great (that said, it's nothing 10 seconds in the microwave couldn't fix, assuming Anodyne has a microwave).

Lastly I had an ultimate veggie burger modified to be vegan ($6.95). The burger was house-made, thankfully (I hate places that just grill up a Gardenburger from a box), but I found it to be bland and overly starchy. To improve the burger, Anodyne might consider switching to a marinated seitan base, topping it off with avocado and a fresh pico de gallo. A wholewheat bun would also add complexity and nutrition to the dish.

The other vegan food options didn't sound that interesting. They're of the wrap-chili-soup variety that use basic vegetables, but drop key components such as tofu, tempeh, seitan and mockmeats.

The atmosphere is bleak at Anodyne. I used to think it was cozy. But now I see that it's serenely quiet and there are only a dozen or so single tables, all of which were taken by grim-looking laptop users (and I went at about 2 p.m. on a Wednesday). There's a long communal table in the center of the room which had some open spots, though.

All in all, this is a decent spot for the Kingfield area. I wouldn't go out of my way to come here, though, unless they up their game on their vegan food.

Original review (Oct. 5, 2008): I like the neighborhood feel of Anodyne and its cozy atmosphere. But I wasn't impressed with any of their offerings---when I went, they didn't have anything vegan, not even pre-packaged cookies. Their drinks were standard and could be gotten at any of the multiple independent cafes in Minneapolis; these days, it seems most cafes aren't willing to freshly make their own drinks. Instead they rely on powders and concentrates and syrups, to which they just add soy milk and heat. Anodyne is no different. Then again, I don't think most people go to cafes for the drinks. They go for the free wi-fi and a nice place to study/hang out. In that regard, Anodyne knows its clientele well, but it doesn't stand out in any way.

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never had their coffee, but i did like the vegan plate i got that had cornbread, chili, and some greens (wouldnt exactly call it a salad, tho!) prices are a bit high and portions small, which is often the case in a coffee shop cafe.

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The fact that this coffee shop is only a couple blocks away may be why I patronize it so frequently; but even if that weren't true, I'd still drive out of my way for their consistently vegan chili (which seems to be on the menu every day). A couple of their servers (at present time) are vegan and can easily guide you through their menu.

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They don't have many vegan options, but they do have sun cakes, and for only $1.75 - cheaper than whole foods, and cheaper than scones or muffins made in the cafe. The chili I had was great, better than Gigi's, and the bread was good, too. The woman at the counter did tell me that the pita they use has whey in it, but if you'd like a sandwich usually made on pita, you can have it made on other bread if you prefer. Their veggie burgers are not vegan.

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