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This is our favorite restaurant! The food is so flavorful and they have more vegetarian choices than any other Indian buffet I've tried--at least four entrees in addition to the appetizers, rice, and breads. (This is probably because the owner is a vegetarian.) The breads are also to die for and the buffet entrees and breads change so you don't get bored if you eat there a lot:-)

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Very knowledgeable staff, answered all of my questions regarding what was vegan on the menu. Plenty of options for me, rich, spicy food, a bit oily but overall wonderful, and can't wait to go there again!

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I went to Best of India with high hopes, as the place is near my office and, according to their website, has a chef who has worked under the legendary chef Satish Arora in India, and was also the personal chef to the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi.

Clearly someone was exaggerating or lying outright, because the food at Best of India was woefully generic and mediocre, at best. What could one expect from a place in a 1970s strip mall on Minnetonka Blvd.? I've had better Indian food at unlicensed roadside stalls in Bombay. My alu gobi ($9.50), a standard North Indian dish, was missing at least one or two spices and was dry. The dish seemed bogged down in heavy oil and overcooked. This restaurant doesn't use fresh herbs and spices and the two key vegetables in the dish---cauliflower and potato---tasted like they were bought in bulk at the supermarket down the road. As such, the vegetables were mass-scale-industrial bland and the preparation was edible, but nothing more. The tandoori chapati bread was good, however.

The service was decent. My waiter was a bit curt, but at least this restaurant allows you to order off the menu, rather than being forced to make-do at the buffet (I hate Indian buffets with a passion because they usually only have one or two vegan dishes at most and the food isn't fresh).

The ambience inside is passable. It falls into the category of "tacky-upscale", with drab and dark colors, and paper napkins instead of cloth. It felt kind of musty inside as I don't think they get much business. The music playing was far too loud for my likes and was also too frenetic in style; low-key, quiet Indian instrumentals would have been better than whatever Bollywood blockbuster soundtrack they were playing.

All in all, I am greatly disappointed. Low quality ingredients and compromised preparation make for a poor meal. Other than Nalapak and The Vegetarian, I haven't had good Indian food in the Twin Cities. I'd also recommend Namaste Cafe or The Himalayan, which are Nepalese, but have similar flavors and use fresh ingredients and have a light touch to their preparation.

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The service was really great - as we were being seated, we told our server we were vegan and may have some questions, and she went and got one of the cooks/owners/managers or somebody from the back and he answered all of our questions. Several of the vegetarian dishes are not vegan, but he was very clear about was and wasn't, and what could be adapted (like which breads could and could not be made vegan). They had some great chutneys I've never seen at another Indian place, and their samosas were really good. I got Aloo Mutter (I think that's what it's called - potatoes and peas dish) and it tasted good, but had too much oil in it. Mine was the only entree that had that much oil, so it may have been the end of a batch or something. Again, I highly recommend this place for the service - I'd just want to try ordering again to see how oily it is before rating it higher.

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