Ranchos Cocina

San Diego County, California


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EVERY time I come here the service is amazing--drinks and chips are always full, waiters are updating with the status of the food, etc. The food is even better than the service, and the staff is super knowledgeable about vegan preferences. They didn't just assume that since it's vegan I'm gonna want it, either. I was given vegan condiment options! Have you ever typed that sentence? Great place. Do not miss it.

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Very yummy food and very inexpensive and pretty. The outside of the restaurant is draped with vines and various other plants for a beautiful look, and inside is gorgeous as well with super cool Mexican decorations and other neat eclectic bits and bobs.

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Their menu is huge with vegetarian and vegan items clearly marked, along with a knowledgeable waitstaff.

Pretty much everything I've tried was outstanding, with the exception of the tofu enchiladas. My favorite dish used to be the black-bean enchiladas, until I discovered the tofu torta. It's a sandwich with shredded lettuce for texture, along with black beans and marinated tofu. It's incredibly delicious.

They have desserts listed, but they usually are not available. I did luck into the vegan cheesecake once -- I was surprised to learn that it wasn't only vegan, but raw. I'm not normally a fan of raw food, but it was one of the most impressive vegan cheesecakes I've ever had.

They have a market next door that has some great deli items, overpriced raw food, organic produce, and other health food.

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