Jyoti Bihanga

San Diego County, California


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All the food is great, and this is a favorite with my omnivorous family. My parents both love the "neat loaf," but I can't get enough of the BBQ tofu burger. It's very messy, and you'll have to ask for another napkin, but it's worth all the stickiness. The mashed potatoes are also wonderful.

They usually have vegan desserts available, which vary in quality. There's a chocolate/peanut-butter pie that's wonderful but not always available. The apple pie they make in-house is unimpressive, as is the chocolate mousse pie (I can't get over the horrible couscous "crust"). There are non-vegan desserts, which my family seems impressed by, but I can't personally vouch for them.

The atmosphere is incredibly peaceful and quiet. When I worked in the area, I loved coming here alone for lunch. It was a great way to wind down for an hour before going back to my dreaded job.

Update: I went back there last week and the BBQ tofu burger is no longer on the menu! Heart-breaking! I had the BBQ mock duck instead, served on a bun instead of bread, in an attempt to replicate my favorite item. Taste-wise it was almost as satisfying, but it was the messiest thing I've eaten in most all of my life. The BBQ tofu burger was pretty messy too, though. (There is a picture of the messy mock duck above, along with the non-vegan items my companions ordered: a BLT and the neatloaf sandwich.)

Unfortunately I'll have to change my rating of 9 to an 8 due to the deletion of the BBQ tofu burger from the menu and the lackluster vegan desserts made in-house.

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I wish I had known about this restaurant when I lived in Orange County, because I would have eaten there at least once a month. I recommend the soy turkey avocado wrap with the mashed potatoes and my husband had the California Chili and he recommends it as well. My husband and I are both vegetarians and we were so excited to find a vegetarian restaurant with such delicious food and great selection. We are already looking forward to our next trip to San Diego so we can go to Jyoti Bihanga.

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