Bandito Burrito Co.

Huntsville, Alabama

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Enormous Burritos

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Bandito's a pretty cool place. Their food is cheap and yummy, and it's a fun place for small groups of people to hang out in. I'd recommend eating there at the restaurant instead of taking your order home, though. Last time I got a veggie tamale to go I was really sad when I opened it at home and there was meat inside. The staff is really friendly and can replace your food if there's a mix-up in-restaurant, so dining-in is definitely a better option. My favorite vegan foods - raven burrito with whole beans and veggie tamale.

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A brief note for vegans considering Bandito:
EDIT: Things are looking good, and we look forward to Bandito blossoming into something even better. We've gotten some further clarification from the owners about what exactly goes into the food. It's been a good while since we've gotten the odd salad sprinkled with cheese bits, or even a meat-filled dish delivered by mistake. Bandito on Governor's is actively trying to work with us vegans. A little good will goes a long way, and though their prepared/mashed pinto beans (standard in most items) are still decidedly non-vegan, we've been assured repeatedly (and been shown ingredient labels) that've helped us feel safer negotiating vegan vs. non-vegan items at Bandito. What you need to know: the *whole* pinto beans are vegan. If you do not specify "whole beans" in your meal, then you are getting beans which contain animal products (whey in this case). Fortunately the whole beans are tasty. We'd like for Bandito to develop a few more vegan options (and hopefully we will be able to suggest some possibilities), but they've made a decent start with clarity and honesty.*

Only a few items are vegan with no specified modification: the tamales (small but very good) and of course chips/salsa. The rice is vegan, so if you're careful about specifying no cheese/sour cream (they'll sub guac on request) and whole beans for any of the "vegetarian" options, you're good to go for quick vegan grub.

*They've always been a decent choice for vegetarians. The regular mashed beans are not prepared with lard, but with shortening which contains whey.

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11am - 10pm

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