Jakeeno's Pizza & Pasta

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I love Jakeeno's (can't beat their twice a day 2-4-1 happy hour), but sadly their "vegan" cheese is not vegan. I've quizzed the staff there a couple times and finally found out that though they buy Lisanatti cheese, which does offer a vegan variety, they use the Soysation Lisanatti cheese which has casein in it. I've strongly suggested that they switch to the vegan cheese (or at least stop advertising it as vegan), but last time I was there they had not done so. Make sure to ask your server which Lisanatti cheese they are using on the vegan pizza.

*I just checked their website - they have stopped referring to it as "vegan" cheese and are now calling it only "soy" cheese. I would say that whenever you go there, ask them to consider switching to the vegan variety that Lisanatti offers, in order to broaden their client base.

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Jakeeno's now offers Lisanatti Foods vegan cheese for their pizzas! It is not the best vegan cheese on the market in my opinion, but it is pretty good. Their pizza is very good. Plus it is a local, family owned restaurant and the staff are wonderful!

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i went to jakeeno's tonight for a salad. the counter staff were very nice and helpful. i got the first salad on the menu with baby greens, walnuts, and balsamic. they were happy to substitute the asiago for mushrooms (or another veg of my choice). $7 for a large salad that was filling and pretty tasty, although next time i will request dressing on the side. im not a pizza nor pasta eater, so i can only recommend the salad.

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