Mim's Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I think Mim's might have the best falafel in the Twin Cities. I'll have to go back a second time to be sure, but that's my initial impression. I've been to the standards---Falafel King, Holy Land---as well as more than a few smaller venues (Jerusalem's, Java, Shish Cafe, Lyndale Grill and Grocery, Loon Deli) but Mim's comes out on top for pure freshness, taste and value.

The cafe itself is a cozy little spot next to the St. Paul campus of the U. It could stand to be a little bit more sparkly and decorated, but it's decent as it is.

I had a falafel sandwich ($4) and a side of fries ($1). The falfel pieces themselves were excellent: fragrant; crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside; loaded with herbs; and not oily. The tahini was also fresh and actually tasted like sesame, which is a departure from the industrial-grade tahini you find in most places. Similarly, the tomatoes and cucumbers in the sandwich also had flavor and didn't seem to be the plastic cafeteria service veggies you find all too often at inexpensive Middle Eastern joints.

A couple gripes: the pita was not fluffy enough and seemed more like a triple-thick flour tortilla, rather than a proper pita. It was still tasty, but a bit too flat for my likes. Also, the french fries were super-oily and not crisp in the least (soft french fries are depressing and hard to justify eating).

For $4, the falafel sandwich is a great, delicious bargain. I only wish Mim's were not so out of the way; otherwise I'd be there all the time.

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tasty falafels! i'd never had corn in a falafel sandwich before but it was delicious. the fresh cut french fries are way greasy but also super nummy.

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The falafel is indeed delicious! The falafel balls are crispy and freshly made, the pita is warm and yummy, and the sauce and garnishes are very tasty!

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If you work at or around the St. Paul campus of the UofMN this place is great. I have tried quite of few of the veg. dishes and they have all been quite good. I would recommend it highly especially since there is no other real options in that area.

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I tried the baba ganush, it had way too much oil floating on top - but the pita was great and the guy at the counter was really really friendly. I would be willing to go back and try something else, maybe asking for them to go light on the oil.

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