Jimmy John's Gourmet Subs

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Bread is ok; vegetables are always good; I like the offer of dijon mustard; service is always fast. This is not a regular stop for me - but it does work.

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Jimmy John's bread is of questionable vegan status. Employees didn't know if it was vegan or not, their nutritional information page on their website doesn't list ingredients, and it's not clear after reading correspondence between Jimmy John's and several bloggers out there.

But that said, it's not like I'd return anyway. The preparers scrape the bread out to put the meat/cheese/veggies in, sometimes doing it with their bare hands. When I was a vegetarian, I had been to several Jimmy John's location and the norm is definitely to handle the subs without gloves. I saw employees answering phones, handling cash and making subs without washing their hands in between.

Just stay away.

Jimmy John's bread is not vegan. I had to e-mail twice to get a response from the company, which at first wouldn't give out any info about the bread.

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I don't know if the vegan version of the veggie sub would be very good, I have not gone there since being vegan.

With that said, when I was vegetarian, I practically LIVED off of the veggie sub. I would get one everyday before work. They are incredibly addicting and yummy.

Plus, they deliver and have a ton of locations.

But being vegan, I'd much rather go to Subway.

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Much better than subways if you must eat at a chain. The bread is fresher and they use local ingredients. There are TWO varieties of vegetarian sandwich with vegan guacamole (you have to take the mayo and cheese off). Sandwiches are also good sans guacamole with the signature vinaigrette. Also have good potato chips and pickles.

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This place is horrible in terms of their food and business. They only have one vegetarian sub on the menu, and without the cheese and mayo, its basically some vegetables with bread and avacado. Jimmy John has been quoted saying very racist statements, and their labor practices are exploitive.

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