Marla's Indian and Caribbean Cuisine

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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This is a decent Indian restaurant. I thought that, given the owners' Caribbean births, they might put a novel twist on the Indian food they serve; unfortunately, Marla's offers straight-up North Indian fare and the Caribbean items are separate. I'd be curious to see if they could add some new, West Indies flavors to a South Indian dish like a dosa---that would really intrigue me and force me to come back.

My alu gobi was nothing spectacular. I was happy they were willing and able to veganize it for me but the dish itself was a bit flat and not memorable in any way.

The service was slow but friendly. Ambience and decor were passable, though a bit dreary and dark. I'll probably go back here as Marla's is, as of late 2008, the only remaining Indian restaurant in Uptown. But it didn't blow me away. If you're looking for fresher, more innovative Indian-esque tastes in a better atmosphere, check out Namaste Cafe or The Himalayan.

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Update: Their roti is excellent. Highly recommend it. They are also able to make some of the Indian dishes that contain cream w/o cream if requested. And, I heard that they have tofu sometimes, to make jerk tofu with - though I've yet to try it.

My husband and I have a tradition of going out for Indian food on our anniversary. Yesterday we weren't able to go to our usual spot, Udupi, so we decided to try this neighborhood place instead. We were very glad we did - the service was fantastic, the food was great. The owner came over and spoke with us for a while after our meal and asked us about our experience, and listened to my feedback! I suggested she mark the vegan dishes on the menu, as it makes it easier for us to order and she explained that nearly all of the Caribbean dishes can easily be made vegan. I suggested that when they redo the menu they make a note of that, because I never would have thought to ask. The samosas were fabulous - I think the best I've ever had. They were large and came with amazing chutneys. The lentil soup was fine, but not remarkable. I had Vegetable Curry (amazing!) and my husband ordered a chickpea, mushroom dish which he enjoyed very much. He was especially excited when they brought the rice, as it was plenty for the both of us (usually we have to be careful about rationing the rice at Indian places). The basmati rice was also seasoned with a hint of spices/seeds (can't say for sure what) and it was done to perfection. Overall we really enjoyed our experience and we plan on returning to try their Caribbean dishes - they're listed on the very last page, you may miss them if you're not looking for them specifically.

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Oh my goodness, I'm so glad Marla's has come to town. This is the best Indian restaurant in the Twin Cities in my opinion. (Not counting Udupi, South Indian is a different category.) I love the palak dishes, there's a great non-dairy eggplant dish. The owners are so nice. It's a yummy, cozy place to go.

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I've eaten here quite a number of times in the past few weeks and really enjoyed it. They have a good selection of veg food on the menu, and they are happy to accommodate vegans, making dairy-free versions of their vegetarian items. Marla and her husband, the owners, are very friendly and helpful.

I've enjoyed everything I've had here, but my favorites include the lentil soup, garlic naan, and chana masala. I also liked the Caribbean roti I had.

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