Egg Cafe

Merseyside, England


rating star

I just love this place and it seems to have got even better of late, the service is certainly faster than it used to be and the food seems to be much better too. It's the only place in Liverpool where vegans are well catered for. The premises itself is a bit shabby, but that adds to the charm. Well worth a visit.

rating star

Rather basic fair - I had "American Pancakes" which were alright, but nothing fancy. The staff seemed rather ambivalent to our presence and it took 30 minutes just to get two pancakes for breakfast though there was only one other party there at the spot.

The place itself looks a bit run down, but has a sort of edgy flair to it. The artwork for sale was pretty cool, but the food was nothing to write home about.

rating star

The food was nice, but fairly basic. The place itself is fairly eclectic and slightly ramshackle.

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