Gigi's Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Friendly local cafe with a wide variety of vegetarian options.

You'll have better luck as a vegetarian than as a vegan, as the selections vary. Soups may or may not be vegan, but they are marked 'vegan' on the menu board if they are.

That said, I really enjoyed my vegan red pepper soup. So much that I came back for dinner with a friend for a vegetarian enchilada (and my friend liked her vegetarian walnut-something sandwich). I'm not sure if they're able to adapt items to be made vegan.

The coffee is good and has the fine oily sheen that you'd expect. Wine and variety of bottled beer also available.

They seem to do decent business. I wouldn't make a special trip here (even though it's very good), just because it seems to be such a neighborhood place. But if you're vegetarian, or wanting to eat healthily, and in the area, drop in.

rating star

Gigi's has a great atmosphere - it's spacious yet cozy, clean but homey. The only problem is that they only have two vegan items: fresh fruit and chili. The chili was pretty good and it came with slices of baguette on the side. It's a fine place to meet for a business lunch or something, but it's not worth a special trip.

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