Tum Rup Thai

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I love this restaurant. I find their Pad Pak Ruamad with tofu to be delicious, one of my favorites, and the basil dish (I forget the name) is fantastic! Others have said their curries are not vegetarian, but I find the dishes I mentioned so good, I don't miss having a curry here.

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I visited Tum Rum Thai late on a Tuesday night and received good service and good food for reasonably cheap prices. As noted by other reviewers, it is not the most exceptional of Asian restaurants in Minneapolis, but it was satisfying for the college student budget.
We ordered a spring rolls, a hot pot and cashew chili stirfry, all of which were said to be vegan or veganizable. We ordered one of our dishes hot (4/5) but it was definitely mild--but still good. The biggest complaint was that the mock duck was lacking in flavor and had a disconcertingly rubbery texture--personally I would stick with tofu or straight up veggies. The decor and ambiance were fun and I would take people here again.

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This place is decent, at best. The service is friendly and prompt. The decor inside is okay, but nothing special. Prices are pretty low for vegan dishes (under $10). But the food is nothing special. The sweet green curry was a bit too sweet and had no zing. The basil stir-fry (horapa) was decent, but nothing I couldn't make at home---it was just vegetables stir fried in soy sauce with some basil.

I fit this place in a category of lounge-like Thai joints which have mediocre food which, while better than the food in a chain restaurant, is still nothing to rave about. This is the sort of joint that will attract ex-sorority girls and frat boys who have some semblance of taste not to patronize Famous Dave's, but not enough taste to eat on Nicollet. Mediocre Thai or East Asian food is a sin in the Twin Cities, where one can find some of the most spectacular Vietnamese and vegan Chinese food in the country (I'm thinking of Jasmine Deli/Jasmine 26 and Evergreen Restaurant). As such, Tum Rup Thai is to be welcomed for not being a steak joint in Uptown, but it's to be derided for not being anything better than average.

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The food is good, though not great. The service is pretty good, and they're good about telling you what is and is not vegan.

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My husband and I were impressed with our server and the entrees we ordered. We tried the salad rolls, but the vegetarian ones are pretty boring - they don't have tofu or mock duck or anything, so it's just rice noodles, some lettuce, a little cilantro and carrot shreds. the Peanut Sauce is vegan and the only thing that saved them.

Our server told us that all of the curries have fish paste in them, so be sure to ask if they can make the curry sans fish/shrimp paste if you order one. They also said the salads all have fish sauce in the dressing and cannot be veganized. I got a dish with basil, onions, bell peppers, jalapenos, and mushrooms with mock duck, it was great. My husband ordered the greens dish - asparagus, zucchini, bell pepper, broccoli, spinach, basil, celery, etc. with tofu and really enjoyed it. Both were a good level of spicy and were large portions. The entrees were slow to arrive, but it was pretty busy on a Friday evening. The joint was jumpin', expect a short wait for a table if you go on a weekend evening.

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I've visited Tum Rup Thai twice so far, and will be going back again and again. Some of the best thai food I've had in the cities comes out of their kitchen. The servers are wonderful (even when the place is packed), the atmosphere is great and they have a good selection of food that can easily be made vegetarian or vegan on their menu. The waiter did warn me that many of the dishes contain at least a little bit of msg (par for the course in authentic thai), but that there weren't any eggs, chicken broth, etc snuck into the dishes we ordered.

There are only a few veg appetizers: cream cheese puffs and "salad rolls" (spring rolls) and they have Tofu Soup on the menu which they will make vegan. The salad rolls were good (very fresh), but the entrees were where it gets REALLY good.

I'm a big BIG fan of Massamon Curry, and the best I've had in the twin cities now is from Tum Rup Thai. My dining partner had a chili cashew dish- and it was fabulous as well. Many of their dishes can be made with vegetables, tofu or mock duck instead of meat... they cook tofu a bit differently than most local asian restaurants cook their fried tofu- it was much more textured and more solidly cooked through than most.

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