Uptown Diner

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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food that is pretty gross and definitely overpriced. i could make the same things at home for a lot less, and it would probably be healthier. and vegetarian. i am convinced that the food i had was cooked right next to some bacon; it tasted like it. i feel kind of sick in my stomach now. i guess thats why they have pepto bismol available in the bathroom vending machine...

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just wrong...you would and could only eat this food after a late night drinking...The staff look like they have been trying to fit in and failing well into their 30's.
food without pretension? Well maybe if they could at least pull it off!!!

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I just feel like this place has almost none of the advantages of a diner. The food isn't that great (and yes, I do typically love diner food). And the prices always seem high to me (for diner food).

The only diner advantage it has is that in the past few years they expanded their hours so that they're open late on weekends (might even be 24 hours on the weekends now). So if you are hungry and it's late (weekends only) and you are in Uptown, stop by for some okay, somewhat overpriced diner food.

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My experience here was not so great. It is reasonably vegetarian friendly, but like most diners is totally vegan unfriendly. They were able to make an oatmeal for me without milk/cream though, which was nice. However, they buttered my bread without asking, and that is the cardinal sin that draws my ire.

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