The Coup

Calgary, Alberta


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As a vegan family, it is by far our most favorite restaurant in Calgary. All the dishes are healthy, delicious and extremely creative. We love to go to The Coup on special ocasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, as well as regular friends gathering. There is no other place that we know of, to provide a better food choice in town. We hope to see it expand in the future, offering more sitting space, reservations and why not, catering. Thank you, The Coup, for all the hard work that we know you put into all that you do to make this happen!

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I love eating at the Coup. As a vegan, I know I can confidently order from the menu at the Coup and consistently receive delicious, flavorful meals, served with a smile. I have been a frequent customer of the Coup for several years and have never had a bad experience, with the staff or the food. I would highly recommend visiting this restaurant for lunch, brunch or dinner, I guarantee you will love the food even if you are not vegan or vegetarian.

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