Isles Bun and Coffee

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I've been to Isles Bun and Coffee a few times now. It's an adorable little shop near Lake of the Isles in Uptown, Minneapolis. The wait staff has always been very friendly. The downside is that the only vegan bakery option is a scone, BUT the ones I've tried have been outstanding. Today's flavor was Dried Cherry & Pineapple. NOMS. I must say that's it's difficult to look at the bakery case stocked with caramel rolls, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake and lots of other goodies and not be sad that none of it is vegan except for their outstanding scones. I asked the counter person if they ever make anything else vegan and she said that the demand just isn't there and they'd never sell. My answer to that is let's give them plenty of business to increase their supply of vegan scones. If more people buy those, perhaps they'll venture into the world of vegan caramel rolls and then some! Anyhoo, Kudos to Isles Bun & Coffee for putting effort into at least one offering that is vegan and making it mighty fine. I'll be back soon!

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I had tried to get Isle's vegan scone earlier, but they had sold out by the time I arrived. So I went back the next day and got a hot, fresh scone filled with some fruits (peach and fig? I'm not sure what they were). It was delicious and super-filling, so don't expect to eat anything else for a couple of hours. Best of all, it's super cheap at only $2.

Their hand-squeezed orange juice is also spectacular. It's some of the best orange juice I've ever had in the US---it reminded me of when I was in Brazil and you'd get fresh orange juice at roadside stands next to groves.

There's some seating outside, but it gets filled quickly on the weekends. Inside has a few spots, but it's awfully tight. This place might be a good take-out joint; get some stuff, walk to Lake of Isles or Lake Calhoun and just sit and enjoy some scenery along with a vegan scone and orange juice or tea/coffee.

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Stepping into Isles Bun and Bakery, one feels transported to Seattle at worst, Paris at best. The bakery bustles with customers and staff, the latter can be watched as they mix, roll and plop their famous rolls onto cookie sheets. The coffee is great and the vegan scones are good. It's a great place to fuel up before a jaunt to the Lake of the Isles dog park. Don't forget to grab Fido a treat!

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I was surprised and pleased to discover that this place has added a vegan option to their menu. The apricot cranberry scone I had was very good - the chunks of fruit were large and there were plenty of them. It's a nice place to meet with a small group of people on a weekday morning if the weather is nice. It's crowded and loud inside, but there is plenty of outdoor seating.

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