Annapolis, Maryland


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Beware of "Vegetarian" food at Lemongrass!

I am a vegetarian and my boyfriend has a shellfish allergy. Because of his allergy, he has to be careful to avoid fish sauce and I try to avoid it as well on principle.

Although Lemongrass clearly demarcates a page of its menu as "Vegetarian," our server informed us that ALL dishes at Lemongrass contain fish sauce, except the veggie fried rice. My boyfriend ordered that and was assured that no shellfish would touch his food. He proceeded to have a severe allergic reaction that required treatment.

That said, be aware that fish sauce is unavoidable at Lemongrass.

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One of Annapolis' best restaurants - and Annapolis has lots of great restaurants.

I've been back 4-5 times, whenever I'm in town (sometimes for take-out) and have never been disappointed.

Dishes here are all unbelievably tasty and the service is great.

Excellent vegetarian selection.

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