Toronto, Ontario


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Really yummy veggy food - I especially love their soups. Wouldn't call it 'romantic' though - there is definitely a 'sacred space' kind of vibe which some people might find a little trippy. I personally think it makes for one unique lunch!

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I've been going to Annapurna for years. As a vegetarian, it was spectacular. Slightly fewer options, now that I've gone vegan, but I still give it a high recommendation based mainly on the fact that I have never had a better tofu burger in my life. It keeps me coming back time and again.

One caveat: they generally only have one chef on, so large parties get food kind of randomly spaced, and the servers can be a little inattentive, but are at least very kind and good-natured. It's a wonderful atmosphere to sit and read, or simply if you aren't in a big hurry to get somewhere afterwards.

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