The Wienery

Twin Cities, Minnesota

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Hole-in-the-wall joint with veggie dogs and burgers

This West Bank hole-in-the-wall restaurant features cheap vegan hot dogs and burgers, as well as vegetarian (but not vegan) sausages. As for the rest of the menu, it's pretty centered on animal products.

Also offers a mock duck philly which can be made vegan by omitting the cheese.

Cash only.

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What can I say...great atmosphere and tasty, greasy diner food. I really dig their homemade spicy bean burger, mmmm. And they've got the best fries in town. If yer lookin for a greasy spoon joint then this is it.

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This is a super-tiny, old-school, barely-up-to-code joint serving burgers, fries and hot dogs. Vegans will find some dishes of interest here, however. They offer vegan hot dogs (which made be made a dozen different ways, with different toppings), a mock duck philly (without cheese if you're vegan), and a home-made blackbean burger. The fries are also famous here.

The first time I came I had the mock duck philly ($5) without cheese. It wasn't great. For one thing, I could still taste the can that the mock duck had been sitting in (this is a common problem with mock duck; better to switch to seitan bought at a co-op, or made yourself). Also, a philly without cheese is not a philly; that said, there's a great vegan cheese available (at Whole Foods and at Galactic Pizza and Z Pizza), Daiya, which would work well enough. Or, for that matter, an herbed, nut-based "cheese," like the "rinotta" offered at Pizza Luce, would be excellent. Lastly, the bun it came on was one of those ungodly soft, spongy and white pieces of bread that so many Minnesotans love, but I love to hate. Give me a whole-wheat, flaky sub roll over fake white bread any day.

The hand-cut fries ($1.75 for one potato's worth) were okay, but not great. Somehow I found them bland and boring. For great golden marvels, check out McCoy's Public House in St. Louis Park, or The Loop in Minneapolis.

The next time I came I had the home-made blackbean burger ($3). I got some grilled peppers and onions added to it ($0.50). This was pretty tasty and a great value at under $4. For one thing, the blackbean patty had a spicy kick to it. Secondly, the bun was whole-wheat, and not white. Third, the tomatoes and lettuce were fresh and not cafeteria-grade. The burger just worked and had heft and taste to it for an amazingly low price; my only gripe, and it's a minor one, was that the patty didn't hold together and fell apart the more bites I took.

The service is extremely friendly and casual. If The Wienery had more vegan options (namely things like tofu scramble, vegan cheeses, and vegan sausages from Field Roast) I'd be back there more often. As it stands, this is a great spot to get a quick, cheap and tasty vegan burger.

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West Bank


Right off of Cedar and Riverside Ave.


No Reservations

Wheelchair Accessible


$ - inexpensive

Cash Only


  • American


  • Brunch


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10am - 7pm
10am - 8pm
10am - 7pm

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