Wild Ginger Vegetarian Kitchen

Manhattan, New York City


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I forget how good soy protein can be. Wild Ginger reminded me with grace and very little effort. Party of two. We ate at an odd time- around 5PM, so there was no wait, but I hear this place can get a little unruly. You may have to wait for a table, but it is worth it. We ordered the steamed pumpkin as our appetizer. I'm not a big steamed anything person, but this place made me rethink my ways. (Dust off the steamer!) It was yummy. The pumpkin was tender and Wild Ginger gave it room to flaunt its pretty ways. For our main course, we had the basil soy protein and the bibimbap. The bibimbap was a big fat wow. Although not necessarily the most traditional bibimbap. it certainly was a great combination of so many different flavors- where east meets west. It had the traditional seaweed and vegetables, but it also showed off these delicious seitan strips and mango salsa! The creamy avocado to the yummy little side condiments completed this dish.

Basil Soy Protein- The vegetables were cooked perfectly. Crispy and flavorful. The protein had a nice hint of Chinese five spice and was also cooked well. I ordered the bibimbap so I'm unfairly partial to my own order, but I picked enough off of my company's plate to appreciate this well made dish.

There was no room for dessert. There is almost always room for dessert. Another day.

Atmosphere/Service- pretty, cozy, warm. Our server was nice and informative.

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I really liked this place. Our seitan skewer appetizer was a perfect blend of sweet and spicy; the basil soy protein was spicy, fresh and crispy, with an array of colorful vegetables; the shredded tofu was light and well-seasoned, though could have used a bit more spice. Our desserts were both spectacular, from the chocolate vegan cheesecake to the peanut butter bomb, which was rich and decadent. Service was friendly, if a bit slow. Prices are reasonable and the portions are just right.

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I definitely like this place better than the Wild Ginger in Brooklyn, although I think they have the same menu. I have had the soy nugget and soy cheese wontons, both of which were delicious, although the soy cheese wontons were actually spinach wontons with a few chunks of frozen tofu (the cheese?) inside.

I was less impressed with the appetizers, of which I've had the yaki udon (stir fried udon noodles), which had very few vegetables, and the vegan "seafood" platter. The veggie fish and shrimp had a sort of sea taste to them, but an accompanying, unidentafiable flavor that I didn't care for.

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Wild Ginger is a great addition to our neighborhood and the vegetarian community. The food is excellent, well priced and the service is very friendly.
Their appetizers are all great. Some are standards with a twist like scallion pancakes with mango salsa and some are very original and very tasty.
The main courses come with a choice of soup or salad and are very well sized and delicious! You won't leave hungry!
Desserts can be tricky when they are vegan, but they got that covered too at Wild Ginger. Try the pumpkin pie!
I liked it and I usually do not even like pumpkin pie.
They do not have a liquor license yet, but they make a very refreshing virgin mojito and they have an extensive array of fine teas and juices too.
Wild Ginger is a small restaurant that is greatly cared for by its owners. There are fresh flowers with every meal (orchids last night!) and pleasant background music.
We have been to wild ginger three times in the last ten days and it has been a pleasant and satisfying experience every time.
And they even have outdoor seating!

Summary: The food is similar to Gobo's but less pricey. The atmosphere is pleasant and intimate. Wild Ginger is nicely decorated but low key with attention to detail.
Highly recommended.

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This place just opened, and we were there on a Friday night.Intimate ambiance, candlelight, great music. We had dumplings and bb-qued seitan skewers, and some spinach salad. Then Mango seitan vegetable medley, basil- garlic asparagus and green beans, and a Malaysian curry stew, and coconut rice--all beautiful. The sauces (ten of them) really complement the veggies, they don't drown them out. Service was perfect. The owners are a young Chinese couple, Winnie and Tim.

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