821 Cafe

Richmond, Virginia


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my spouse and i love 821! vegan brunch options! w00t! we dig the 'fu scramble and black bean burrito. they usually have one rock'n vegan special we can grub on for dinner, and i super love their vegan burger (they even let me bring in my own gluten-free bun), chili, portobellos, hummus, and my spouse loves their vegan angel hair pasta with garlic bread! oh-so delicious every visit!

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the philly billy vegetarian sub is the shit

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I was excited to try out 821 Cafe after reading a few reviews of it here and on a few other sites.

In short, I was severely disappointed by the food. There were only a handful of vegan options. I ended up ordered the "stuffed" portobello mushrooms over orzo. The vegetables were sort of just piled on top of 2 portobello slices and the entire dish was completely bland and flavourless. The side salad was... a salad but the balsamic vinagrette wasn't even very good.

My dining companion (also vegan) ordered the vegan burger with a side of chili. He was also not terribly impressed with either.

Maybe they were having an off day in the kitchen, but I won't be dining here again due to the lack of vegan options and my unimpressive dinner.

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821 cafe has a new menu, and it's really good. They have awesome breakfast selections (their banana pancakes are AWESOME). Their veggie burgers are the best I've ever had. Vegan entrees include stuffed portabella mushrooms served over orzo, angel hair pasta with veggies, black bean burritos, chili, and hummus. Their have many vegetarian entrees, my favorite of which are the fried artichoke sub with provolone, the portabella mushroom and brie wrap, and fettuccine alfredo with asparagus and broccoli. They also have peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and banana sandwiches, that can be grilled if you want. This is my favorite place to eat in Richmond.

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