Sportsman's Pub and Grill

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Updated Review:

Sporty's now has a $1.40 boca burger offer from 4-6pm throughout the week, and 4-10pm on Wednesdays.

When you get a chance, check this place out on Monday nights for a $3 cover, you can get $2 pitchers until midnight and an all-you-can-eat taco bar. The taco bar has great vegetarian refried beans, hard and soft-shell tacos, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, etc. Additionally the owners of the bar have some sense of humor, calling their 1/4 lbs Boca burger "The Liberal" and adding "Be kind to animals" at the end of the description. The "Big Veggie" grilled veggie sandwich, can be made without cheese, and under this sandwich's description, it says "Yes, you are morally superior." :-D

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