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Satdha Plant Based Thai Kitchen serves upscale Thai food at affordable prices (entree prices currently range from $8 to $12). I ate here with my husband and since everything looked so good, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. We ordered the Meang Kham (chard wrap) appetizer, the Tom Kha (coconut) soup, the Num Tok salad, the Beet Dyed Noodles, the "Catfish" eggplant (like everything else here, it's vegan) and the Chive Blossom for our vegetable.

My husband had the brown rice and I had the sticky rice which is white -- there is no regular white rice, but the sticky rice isn't so sticky you have to wrestle it onto your plate (I've had this experience at another Thai restaurant but not here). Since we had ordered so much, we skipped dessert.

Everything we ordered was delicious. Portion sizes weren't huge but not too small either.

The Meang Kham Appetizer, described on the menu as a chard wrap with shredded coconut, cashew, shiitake "bacon," lime zest, shallots, ginger, chili flavored with herb tamarind chutney had an intense and complex flavor. The waitress showed us the slice of red chili resting on top of it which could be taken out if you prefer the food mild. I tried it both ways and I liked it better milder but it was delicious both ways. The tamarind sauce was especially terrific.

The Tom Kha Soup had oyster mushrooms and banana blossoms in it, but the broth was the classic Thai coconut milk broth with lemongrass, which we like very much, so it didn't disappoint.

The Num Tok Salad, described on the menu as "grilled trumpet mushrooms, shallots, toasted rice powder, green onions, thai basil and flavored with chili lime" was tangy and flavorful. For me it was a bit spicier than I would prefer but my husband didn't think it was that spicy. It came with a wedge of cabbage on the side which was large enough that we couldn't tell if it was part of the meal or only a garnish.

The Beet Dyed Noodles -- rice vermicelli infused with beet juice, baked tofu, crispy shallots, garlic chives, bean sprouts, flax "egg" and favored with coconut, tamarind and fermented black bean sauce -- were my favorite item out of all we ordered. The noodles were pink in color and had a sweet and delicate coconut flavor.

The "Catfish" Eggplant -- "battered eggplant with red curry paste, bell peppers, young pepper corn and thai basil" -- was also tasty, but by then we were getting full.

Which brings me to the Chive Blossom sauteed with baked tofu and garlic. It was good but chive-y. Not as green as some of the other greens on the menu, but still enjoyable.

The cost of the meal was $67 (not including our tip) but we ordered A LOT.

In sum, the entire meal was very, very good. This is easily our favorite Thai place on the westside now, though we still have a lot of their menu to explore. The owner was one of the owners of Bulan Vegetarian Thai, but I'd say this place is even better (and unlike Bulan, all vegan).

One caution: Satdha is very popular at the moment. We went on a Saturday night at dinnertime and were lucky to get the last parking spot in their lot and had to wait to get seated. If you can, make reservations. You'll be glad you did.

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