Buddha's Vegetarian Restaurant

Toronto, Ontario


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Love this place, super small resto right next to kensington and dunbat. food so cheap and good, one of my favorite veggie resto in toronto for sure!

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Budha's is a perrenial favorite. The decor is nonexistant, the people are friendly, and the meals are tasty and inexpensive. We are huge fans of the mock duck, layered sheets of yuba that are suprisingly addictive with hot sauce, and of the veggie hot & sour soup.

There are also soft, stretchy rice noodles I like to order from the noodle menu and ask for vegetables alongside; they are always good.

Their deep fried stuff is really deep fried; I find the spring rolls to be way too greasy and always dissapointing, but I love the taro roll, which is deep fried wrapped in yuba and served with a warm sweet sauce full of pinnaple and red & green peppers.

The stir fries are greasy (as per the comments of others in this thread) but really yummy, if you can deal with the ingredients being very very coarsly chopped - mushrooms are always served whole, and often bock choys only quartered. Nonetheless very tasty; we like it and have always had good luck there.

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I was looking to try new vegetarian restaurant in the city, and I read some reviews for this place and thought I'd give it a try. Big mistake. Granted the portions really were huge as was described, but the quality was just terrible. There were huge unidentifiable chunks in the stir fries, the spring rolls were so greasy and bland with an unappealing salty flavor. I ate a forkful of the meal and felt so nauseous. It's not that my standards are so high, it's just that this place puts very little emphasis on quality and instead focuses on quantity. My boyfriend were both running for the bathroom when we got home.

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Went to this restaurant and the food was AWFUL - it had absolutely no flavor (other than soya sauce), was greasy and made us feel ill. I urge everyone to avoid it at all costs. Portions may be huge, but the quality is rock bottom. There was no effort made with the food presentation. I am shocked by all the positive reviews...the worst dining experience I've ever had.

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The portions are HUGE and the food is good and cheap.

My favourites are the hot & sour soup, bean curd rolls and the e-fu noodles.

Warning to newbies... do not order a soup, appetizer and main dish for just yourself. That will be enough food for 3 people right there!

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This place is fantastic. The portions are HUGE! When i was a starving student in Toronto you could eat here with a friend for $25 TOGETHER and eat leftovers for a week!
Would have been a 10 except that it is often so busy the wait can be FOREVER...

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Cheap and good food! Feels like your mom's kitchen and people are super nice! My favorite dish is #35!
(image of food is #35)

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Every mid nineties vegan punk all the way to Hamilton knew this score. Classic chinese vegan food. Big portions. Good times.

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