The Chocolate Shoppe

Madison, Wisconsin


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They always have 2 soy flavors, which I've seen alternate between oreo, espresso oreo, vanilla chocolate chip, and rasberry nebula (raspberry with chocolate chunks). Their "Italian Ice" flavors are also vegan, and are basically sorbet. The staff definitely aren't always knowledgeable about ingredients; I had one person try to tell me the frozen yogurt didn't contain dairy.

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Nice to try a vegan ice cream in another city, but the texture of the ice cream was a little weird and slick. Good flavor selections, though.

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The Chocolate Shoppe continues to amaze with their soy ice cream flavors and waffle cones. The service can be a little slow when the crowd is large, but it is worth the wait. Their flavors are extensive but they usually only offer two or three at a time. Try their mint chocolate chip, coffee oreo, oreo, vanilla chocolate chip, or raspberry chocolate chunk. They also have blue moon and strawberry, which I only choose if one of the other flavors are not available. You can get their soy ice cream at Monty's Blue Plate as well. Enjoy!!

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I love any ice cream shop that has soy ice cream and other vegan options available. This place has hip furniture, friendly service and really low prices ($3 for a LARGE scoop).

When I went, they had two soy flavors (mint chocolate and "blue something" which has the taste of fruit loops) and four or five sorbet/Italian ice options.

They have two vegan ice cream cones and also a vegan waffle cone, which was a great and pleasant surprise.

This place is highly recommend for its variety of vegan options, dirt cheap prices, and great central location on State Street.

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Amazing, amazing soy ice cream. I can't walk by this place without going in for a cone. It's the only soy ice cream I've ever had that actually has the consistency of good ice cream.

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