Panhandle Pizza

San Francisco, California


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I am not exactly a pizza connoisseur, but Panhandle's was the best that I can ever recall eating.

We tried a vegetarian pie -half cheese-less and half with vegan cheese (I had not had melty vegan cheese on a pizza before), and it was phenomenal. Unless you know that you love the vegan cheese, I would suggest just abstaining -the pizza is so delicious all on it's own.

It is a simple and unpretentious little restaurant, and the owner was very kind. (Since we were being chatty, I had to remind him that we needed to pay!)

They have build-to-suit or house created topping combinations, and many are veganizable. I cannot wait to go back and try some of them.

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Now That's a Good Vegan Pizza! Apprently the delivery guy said he would deliver as far as my house (Army and South Van Ness) so, like if you're as far away as the mission, ask before, but you might even be able to get delivery if it's not too busy.

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Good pizza! It's always a refreshing change to walk into a pizza place and order a vegan pizza with cheese! The soy cheese they use is Follow Your Heart brand--completely vegan, no casein! And it's very good soy cheese too! It actually melts!

Our pizza had soy cheese (excellent), roasted garlic (also very good), fresh tomato slices (only OK). We wanted kalamata olives, but they'd just run out. It was a very tasty pizza with a cornmeal-based crust. For around $14 we got a pizza big enough for two. (You can check out toppings and prices on their website.)

The restaurant itself is very small. There are about three tables and a counter along one wall. Nothing fancy; it's just a nice, cozy place. The staff was very friendly.

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