China Road

Syracuse, New York


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So at first this place looked promising, and our first meal was fairly decent. But the second time we got take out, it was cold (clearly frozen, still had ice in them!) dumplings that were truly revolting. The mock meats are half-way decent but their food creeps me out. Unless you're really willing to roll the dice on some food poisoning, take a pass on this place.

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My favorite restaurant in Syracuse. Many vegetarian options (be sure to ask for the vegetarian menu if they don't automatically give you one). They have a truly excellent eggplant dish and their mock chicken is quite good. Friendly waitstaff.

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With a dearth of vegetarian options in the Syracuse area, this place is a welcome relief. Apparently it's one of a few "university ghettos" in town - lots of professors frequent China Road. The vegetarian options here are really quite impressive. There were maybe about 20 veggie options listed on the restaurant's dry erase board (unfortunately not listed on their take-out menu). Most veggie dishes featured "mock meat." I've had plenty of "mock meat" dishes that were just so-so, but the one I tried at China Road was excellent (szechuan-style mock chicken and vegetables). China Road delivers, but only within a two mile radius. Lord knows why this restaurant's "master chef" moved from New York City to Syracuse (I've heard rumors of the Chinese mafia), but his presence is a welcome addition.

Added later: I read somewhere that the chef at China Road adds pork broth to some of the vegetarian dishes. Yikes! I guess it's best to specifically ask if pork or any other animal products are used in an entree. What a bummer...

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What a treat! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this restaurant. The food is really wonderful and very authentic. My favorites are the sesame "chicken" and the orange "chicken". I have to say the mock meat here was some of the best I have had. Also, they serve really great lo mein, easily one of the best I have had. Not only am I incredibly pleased with the vegan cuisine here, the service is also just great. They offer simple but delicious complimentary appetizers and desserts, as well as hot tea. Lastly, and very importantly, the servers are SO friendly!

This restaurant has my highest recommendation to any vegan or vegetarian.

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