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Columbus, Ohio


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This is the kind of store I'd been hoping would come to the Columbus area, and it's finally here. It's a one-stop vegan shop. They are smaller than the large chain natural grocery stores, but they carry only vegetarian and vegan products. I estimate that over 80% of the products are vegan. As soon as I walked in, a rotating literature stand holding a variety of booklets on compassionate living and veganism caught my eye. Next to that was a table with snack samples.

In addition to vegan staples (nutritional yeast, grains, flours, pasta, etc), I was pleased to find a number of unique, hard-to-find, high-quality vegan products. Many are organic, GMO-free, local, raw, or gluten-free. They have a small selection of frozen and refrigerated foods, including frozen vegetables, entrees, Wayfare vegan ice cream, Daiya cheese, Vegenaise, and VegeUSA meat substitutes. The only thing missing was fresh produce.

They carry brand-name and locally made vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics, personal care products, and supplements. I also found detergents and household cleaning products, as well as products for eco-friendly and sustainable living (such as compost bins, lunchboxes, bamboo utensils).

I met the owners (affiliated with the Ching Ter Maitreya Buddhist Temple in Columbus). They are very friendly and welcome feedback. The store is clean, organized, and well-planned. It's obvious that they put a lot of care and thought into the mission of their store and researched to find the highest quality products that are not available elsewhere locally. The prices are very competitive - everything I purchased was less than what I would have paid at popular chain natural stores. Overall, I highly recommend this store and plan to shop there regularly even though I live on the opposite end of town.

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