Tucci Benucch

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I went here recently with some family. My server was awesome and new what was up with the ingredients.

I was going to get the multi-grain angel hair pasta with roasted vegetables. BUT my server let me know that the angel hair has eggs. WTF? She asked what else I was allergic to so she could let the cooks know, and I explained I did not eat cheese, eggs, etc. "Oh, so you're vegan?" Which relieved me to know that she knew the word and could point out what was "safe" to eat and what was not.

Many of the pastas are egg-free. She told me that basically everything other than the angel hair would be egg free. There is also bread - ciabatta, from the looks -- in the bread basket that is dairy/egg free. You can request the olive oil/balsamic vinegar dipping sauce to be without cheese (and get fresh cracked pepper!).

So I ordered the penne with roasted veg in a red sauce. I actually ordered dessert: they had a dairy/egg free sorbet. My server also informed me that they used to get the sorbet somewhere else, but now they make it in-house.

Overall, my experience was made great by my server. The food was ho-hum, nothing spectacular, mostly bland. But it is always good to know another chain that has options if I'm ever out with unadventurous family again.

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I just grabbed a side salad from their take out window today, and the server was great about explaining what had dairy in it and getting me bread without cheese, etc. However, I did notice after I ordered that they serve veal here, and I know that many people boycott restaurants that serve veal, so I wanted to mention it.

We have not been there, but we plan on trying the place soon.

Since most restaurant pasta includes non-vegan eggs, we contacted them and got this reply:

The majority of our pastas are egg less. These include fettuccine, spaghetti, angel hair, rigatoni and linguine.

We have two sauces that are vegan. Our No-fat Marinara and Pomodoro Sauces. We also have a variety of vegetables you could have tossed with the pasta. Our pizzas and salads are also vegan if ordered with no cheese and meatless. You would have to request the salads to be tossed in our Mustard Vinaigrette or Balsamic.

Thank You and we look forward to your business.

Finesse Luna
Tucci Benucch, MN

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