Tao Natural Foods

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I had the home made black bean burger with fresh veggies and kale salad (toasted sesame oil). Yummy with Yerba Mate tea. Great food, service and atmosphere. I'd always just shopped there, the food is most excellent too!

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Tao foods is literally my favorite place to eat in the Twin Cities. Every time I visit Tao Foods, I tell myself that I will order something other than the avocado rice plate with a side of black beans, but I love it so much that I order it every single time. It's a little crazy, since I make a version of this at home, but the brown rice is always perfect, the black beans are always perfect, and the sliced avocado, tomato, and red onions are always perfect.

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I ate here a couple months ago while I had some time to kill in Uptown. Not bad. A "crunchy granola" atmosphere. I had the Black Bean Burger, which you could tell was made from scratch and had a wholesome appeal to it. It was tasty -- and a bit pricey.

Somehow I completely missed that they had vegan milkshakes! I will need to go back and try one of those. I'd like to try a few other sandwiches or wraps so I can have a more complete idea of the place.

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With vintage diner seating in the entrance Tao has a retro feel to it. The restaurant has a store at the back, selling all things natural from soaps to vitamins and everything in between. The café is quite pricey with entrées starting at $10. It serves an interesting choice of health juices and smoothies, or you can just make up your own. Their veggie burger is delicious, made with whole wheat bread and garnished with alfalfa sprouts and vegan mayonnaise. The vegan pie they serve daily is also a treat. The staff are happy to modify dairy dishes to make them vegan.

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this place makes really good food but is kind of pricey. their milkshakes are to die for! i would not say they are worth the $8 charged, but they are good. it's a cute place too, lots of teas and supplements available.

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UPDATE: Tao, while still tasty and good, increased its prices in 2008 as well as reducing its portion sizes. So, you pay more, but get less food. I still like the food here---they have delicious vegan milkshakes (12 oz. for $7 ??) and a great black bean burger ($8)---but I've cut back on going here as the place is so expensive and the portion sizes are so tiny.

Tao also nickle and dimes you for everything. Add avocado to a sandwich? $2.50. Extra bread? $2.50. Before you know it, your $8 meal turns out to be $13 or more with these add-ons and you leave still feeling hungry.

Also, they got rid of their vegan waffle (why???) and their veggie burger is not vegan either (it has cheese in it). What a disappointment. At least they added the black bean burger, which makes up for the loss of the cheese-filled veggie burger. Also, their macrobiotic rice plates pack more of a kick than you might guess, especially with toasted sesame oil.

All that said, Tao has great atmosphere. It's a cozy little corner joint with the feel of an old-time diner. The wait for food can be long, but that's only because each dish is lovingly prepared and hand-made; no short-cuts here.

The food is healthy, fresh and nicely prepared. They also feature at least one or two vegan desserts. Tao also has a large selection of health food and body-care items, as well as a small book section, in case you need more than just food.

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The service here is quite excellent, and I had a tempeh sandwich that was reasonably priced and quite tasty. They also have vegan cookbooks.

I was recommended (see the review by conde.kedar below) a waffle, but they told me their waffles are no longer vegan. However, they said they may have vegan waffles again in the future.

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mmm... tofu sandwiches and smoothies to die for.

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The food is overpriced and over simple. The service is good.

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On a recommendation from dangerD I stopped by for a quick bite. Unfortunately, they were just closing, so the nice gentleman behind the counter could not make me a sandwich. But he was able to send me home with a delicious split pea lentil soup with miso (and, apparently, all of their soups will be vegan). I will be sure to stop by more often now that I know it exists.

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