Amico Bio

London, England


rating star

We stumbled upon this place accidentally when we were tired and hungry, and the place we had wanted to eat at had turned non-veggie. We would have eaten pretty much anything at that point, but luckily for us we spotted Amico Bio. I've never been to Italy, but my partner, who has, says this is the best Italian food he's had since he was there.

We both had their lunch special: I had watermelon soup, he had a beetroot salad (he hates beetroot, but he loved this); then we both had a small calzone filled with amazing vegan cheese (it didn't melt like mozzarella, but he assures me it's the closest thing he's ever tasted to the 'real' thing); followed by three different gorgeous sorbets. As we were hungry we ordered a bruschetta to share too, which was lovely - incredibly simple, but full of fresh ingredients.

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