Vo's Vietnamese

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I've been to Vo's several times now and the food is wonderful and the service is great. I especially recommend the mock duck with potatoes and of course the spring rolls.

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I'm so happy Vo's is back. I walked a long way in San Diego to eat spring rolls while he was open there. I love the tofu spring rolls with the special Skaht sauce which is vegan and I love tofu and potatoes. I recently tried the curry tofu and special spicy mock duck and both were fantastic. I really can't say enough good things about the food and service.
My new found favorite is the Veggie Lo Mien Noodles with mock duck. The noodles have a wonderful grilled flavor that is delicious. You should go. Right now.

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Great service, tasty food. I wish the vegan items were more clearly marked, but our server (the owner) knows what is vegan. Everybody I ate with enjoyed their food.

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After 2 visits in the first week, I'd say that, if anything, Francios' recipes and technique have improved over time. All the ingredients in the Spicy Mock Duck and the Tofu and Potatoes were exactly the right texture - crispy veggies, savory sauces, perfectly fried tofu, just a hint of grill on the mock duck, and so on. And if anyone knows of a place to get better spring rolls, please contact me personally, because I've eaten hundreds, if not thousands of spring rolls in my life and none compare. (And on that subject, a note for newbie vegans and non-vegans alike: When ordering spring rolls, Vo's veterans always ask for "Skaht Sauce". The regular sauce used to not be vegan. It might be now, but I doubt anyone's bothered to enquire because the secret recipe is the best spring roll sauce you've ever had.)

With a small staff, a full restaurant can mean slower service, but even when busy, the attention paid to each patron is always friendly and personal. After your 3rd or 4th visit, there's a good chance they'll know you by name, and remember your favorite dishes.

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Vo's is back and it's as good as it ever was. I've eaten there several times since their September 8 opening and everything has been excellent. My favorites are the spring rolls, special spicy tofu, stir fried potatoes w/ mock duck, and the black bean sauce.

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