Cowhaus Creamery

Oberlin, Ohio


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Cowhaus Creamery is extremely beloved by the locals. It's easy to see why -- the ice cream is produced using all local ingredients and the place has a hip, eco-friendly vibe (eg. the tasting spoons are re-usable metal spoons and the "take-away" spoons are made from corn-based biodegradable "plastic"). The menu has some pretty exciting-looking flavors: salted whiskey, caramel honey cardamon, french toast, strawberry shortbread,... My only complaint is that there aren't a huge number of sorbet flavors and there aren't any ice creams made from milk substitutes. I realize that Cowhaus goes to great efforts to use milk from non-factory-farmed cows, so I can understand why milk substitutes aren't a priority. That said, if they started featuring a coconut milk-based flavor with any regularity, I would gladly upgrade my rating to 5 stars (and upgrade the frequency of my visits!).

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