Aladdin's Eatery

Oberlin, Ohio

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Middle Eastern

Aladdin's Eatery is part of a local Middle Eastern restaurant chain. The menu features over 40 vegetarian options, many of which are vegan.

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I felt irrevocably in love with tabbouleh, sfiha and kibbeh since the first bite, when I was a kid in Rio de Janeiro (where at that time there was a considerable Lebanese population). We used to eat them frequently. Imagine how excited I was to visit Aladdin at Oberlin, in Ohio! So I ordered exactly that: tabbouleh, sfiha and kibbeh and the disappointment I had is almost indescribable... The tabbouleh was swimming in lemon juice and had no olive oil; the sfiha was a pita bread (yes, I kid you not!) rolled into a triangle that was baked to a wooden consistency; and the kibbeh looked picture-perfect, but tasted nothing like the real thing. The place was dark and gloomy when we came in from the glorious sunny day outside, but I never choose/judge a restaurant for its looks! Our table was so sticky we had to ask the server to clean it; we had to deal as best we could with the sticky menus. I sat against a wall, on a bench. Suddenly these extremely loud thuds were heard and my seat shook a little bit. The thudding kept going on and on and people at nearby tables started looking in our direction. I asked the server what was going on and we were told they were cutting veggies! So, we decided to leave them to abuse the poor veggies in piece and moved to a different table. That is when the food arrived and we wished we had gone to the nearby India Garden--that although not the best Indian food, at least it is addable...

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I love both the food and the decor at Aladdin's Eatery. The sleek, modern vibe makes it a nice spot for a date or lunch with colleagues. The restaurant boasts that it has over 40 vegetarian options. While the vegan options aren't quite as extensive, there are still many tasty choices. I am a big fan of the rolled pitas and the hummus platter. There is often a pretty potent sangria on the "specials" menu, which is perfect on a hot summer day. When the weather is nice, Aladdin's has outdoor seating along the sidewalk at the corner of College and Main, which is perfect for people-watching.

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11am - 10pm

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